Technical Resources & Briefs


The following are links to resources, tools, and information sources that may be useful for business reporting. This list will be updated periodically so it’s worth to keep checking it.

If you are a journalist and you would like to learn more about a topic, send us a note and we will try to provide information for you or guide to a useful source


·         Economic Data and Indicators

·         Glossaries, References, and Tutorials

·         Tools

·         Reporting Guides

·         Other Selected Journalism, Economic, and Business Information Sources


Glossaries, References, and Tutorials

- Basic Theoretical Training on Economics


- EURODICAUTOM Translation Tool

- History of Banking

- International Economics Study Center 

- Investorwords

- Introduction to Economics (Video)

- IMF Terminology

- NYT Glossary Financial Terms 



- Google Data Explorer - Makes large data easy to show

- Many Eyes Data Visualizer

- Newspapers of the World

- OANDA Currency Converter

- Research Beyond Google Resource Guide


Reporting Guides

- Association of Business Publication Editors:

- Bloomberg News:

- Business Wire:

- Investigative Reporters & Editors:

- Jonathan Oatis’s Guide to Business Journalism Sites:

- Business Journalism Tools:

- Poverty and the Economy

- PR Newswire:

- Resources for Journalists

- Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism:

- Twitter for Newsrooms

- Writing with Numbers


Other Selected Journalism, Economic, and Business Information Sources



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